Welcome to Viola Ear Training

The ear training app that will teach you to play by ear using your Viola! 

Now For iPhone and iPad!
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Do you want to hear, understand and then be able to instantly play new music by ear? 
Do you want to create music effortlessly on your Viola? 
Do you want to improvise in any situation and interact with the musicians around you? 

If you play Viola, your answer to these questions is undoubtedly yes. The key to these skills lies in the ability for your fingers to instantly and automatically play what your ear hears. Viola Ear Training is a software tool that will teach you these skills using your Viola! 

How do you play Viola Ear Training?
1. Listen to the musical questions the game asks you.
2. Play back the answer on your Viola.
3. Your iPhone or iPad will provide feedback.

How does Viola Ear Training work?